Quick Start Guide to being Finally! Free, Fit & Fabulous

Foundations to Transforming your Relationship with Food, Mind, Body & Self


It's Just Food! The Finally! Free, Fit and Fabulous Formula in Action

How to Successfully implement the 5-step Formula, Level 2


You Too Can Thrive with PCOS!

Discover how to feel and live better today with PCOS


The "PLAYPEN" Play, Move and Exercise Joyfully

Discover how to move, play & exercise in a joyful, sustainable way!

Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

Yoga Nidra: Stress-Less Guided Meditations

Essential to overall wellness, lower the Fat storage hormone (Cortisol) while reducing stress, anxiety and worry.

Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

Drumming Fun with Annie!

Recordings of LIVE Drumming Fun Exercise Classes with Annie. Get exercise, stress relief and fun all in one! Recorded Winter 2018