We know that 95% of diets don't work. The science and research prove it. Intuitive Eating is different.  Instead of reaching to the outside, to tell our bodies what is right or wrong, we tune into what is best for our own bodies. 

Within this immersion, you will learn how to tune into your own physiological hunger and fullness cues while making peace with food.  

Eating is for both pleasure and fuel.  You have the ability to find freedom with food and your body, when you tune in.  

No matter how extensive your dieting history might be, you can be successful with Intuitive eating.  Take my world for it.  If not, I will refund your money... guaranteed!  

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Your Intuitive Eating Immersion

    • Cost of Dieting Video

    • Print off your pre-coaching worksheet HERE!

    • Your Maxi-Me Empowerment Tool

  • 2

    Intuitive Eating Immersion Part 1

    • Emotions: Video and worksheets (3)

    • Maxi-Me Empowerment

    • Importance of Breath

    • Assignment

    • Time to breathe

    • More connecting the dots

    • Aha's and breath practice

    • Reflect...

  • 3

    Intuitive Eating Immersion Part 2

    • Our Relationship with food, Video and Worksheets

    • Meditation resource

    • Assignment

    • Check in

    • Maxi-Me Empowerment

    • Aha's

    • Strength Meditation

    • Reflect and Review

  • 4

    Intuitive Eating Immersion Part 3

    • Hunger and Fullness Video lesson and worksheets

    • New Maxi Me Empowerment

    • Stress reducing meditation

    • Continued exploration

    • Continued Exploration and Meditation

    • Continued Exploration and Maxi Me Empowerment

    • Aha's review

    • Stress-Less Meditation

    • What is your one thing...

About Anne Poirier

Having struggled with her own eating, food, weight and body image challenges, Anne Founded Shaping Perspectives and is the leader the Body Joyful Revolution Community, a global online source of support, encouragement and inspiration for women of all sizes, shapes and weights so that they can say No to diets, reject society’s thin ideal and heal from diet culture. By feeling more comfortable and confident in their bodies and selves they inspire other women and girls to know their true value and worth helping reduce body shaming, bullying weight stigmatization, disordered eating and prevent life-threatening eating disorders!

What others have been saying about this course:

" I better appreciate both my body and food now. My Head Space is much more expansive, FREE and HAPPY, because I am not spending time adding up calories or worrying about how last night's desert would show up on the scale." ~ Cheryl

Your body is your home, food is its fuel. Find food freedom, once and for all.

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