This 4 week walking program gives you everything you need to walk yourself to feeling more comfortable and confident in your body. 

  • Fuel, and eating.
  • Mobility and flexibility 
  • Walking program design
  • Mindset strengthening

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    First Step: Read this

    • About this Program

  • 2

    Program Introduction

    • Disclaimer

    • Program Overview

    • Tracking Log: MOUTH: Four Week Eating Implementation Accountability

    • Four-Week Guide Mouth

    • Tracking Log: MOVE: Four Week Walking Accountability

    • Accountability Log: MIND: Four Week Self-talk Listening Guide

  • 3

    Week 1: Mouth, Move & Mind

    • Week 1 MOUTH: Drink More WATER focus Information

    • Week 1: Drink More Water Checklist to Keep You On Track

    • Move: Week 1 Walking Instructions

    • MIND: Week 1 Focus - Listen to Positive Self-Esteem (from Self-Talk Plus)

    • Week 1: Pre-Walk Movement Prep

  • 4

    Week 2: Mouth, Move & Mind

    • Week 2 Mouth Focus: Eat More Vegetables and Fruits Information

    • Week 2 Eat More Vegetables & Fruits Checklist 1 (11 Quick Ways to Meet Your Goal)

    • Week 2 Eat More Vegetables & Fruits Checklist 2 (17 Ways To Meet Your Goal)

    • MOVE: Week 2 Walking Instructions

    • Week 2: Pre-walk movement prep and post-walk stretch

    • MIND: Week 2 Focus- Listen to Self-talk on Health & Fitness (from Self-talk Plus)

  • 5

    Week 3 Mouth, Move & Mind

    • Week 3 Mouth Focus: The Role of Protein in Hunger Management, Recovery & Metabolism

    • MOVE: Week 3 Walking Instructions

    • Week 3: Pre-walk movement prep add on and post walk stretch add on

    • MIND: Week 3 Focus - Positive Self-Talk for Weight-Loss #1 (from Self-talk Plus)

  • 6

    Week 4 Mouth, Move & Mind

    • Week 4 Mouth Focus: Overcoming the 5 Limiting Factors or Roadblocks To Releasing Weight, Simplifying Nutrtion

    • Week 4 Mouth Focus: Supportive Eating Macronutrient Food Guide Sheet

    • MOVE: Week 4 Walking Instructions

    • MIND: Week 4 Focus - Listen to Self-talk for Personal Women 1 (from Self-talk Plus)

  • 7

    Amazing Bonus 1: Recipes

    • Easy, Fast and Simple to Make Delicious Fat Burning Recipes: Week 1 Spinach & Mushroom Quiche with Spring Salad

    • Easy, Fast & Simple to Make Delicious Fat Burning Recipes: Week 2 Veggie Minestrone Soup with Crusty Multi-grain Bread

    • Easy, Fast & Simple to Make Delicious Fat Burning Recipes: Week 3 Fast Fun Nachos

    • Easy, Fast & Simple to Make Delicious Fat Burning Recipes: Week 4 Almond Bran Chocolate Chip Muffins

About the instructor

Author, Body Neutrality Expert, Leader of the Body Joyful Revolution

Anne Poirier CSCS

Having overcome her struggles with own weight, food, negative self-talk and body image, she created The Body Joyful Revolution Community that offers a new way to help women of all sizes and shapes feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. Anne Poirier is a Body Image Expert and Non-diet Coach. Anne is the pioneer and a leading authority and voice for the Body Neutrality Movement. She is the Founder of the Body Joyful Revolution and leader of a free global non-diet, weight inclusive private community (the Body Joyful) for women ages 18 and up. Anne is the author of the Body Joyful: My Journey from Self-loathing to Self-acceptance and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Women's Health Magazine, Livestrong, Tracy Anderson Magazine, ABC, MPR, Newsy and other media outlets including over 35 podcasts across the USA. Anne is a subject expert and contributor to Crunchy Tales (an on-line publication and community for women ages 40 and up in Europe) and other media. You can reach Anne by emailing her at

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