Hop on the Dieting Bandwagon and Gain Weight!

Diets are Seductive, Enticing and Alluring While Consuming Precious Time, Energy and Effort | taught by Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC
Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC
Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC
Joy Builder & Encourager

About the Instructor

Like, you Intuitive Eating Coach and Women’s Lifestyle Expert Anne Poirier has struggled with Weight Issues, Negative Body Image, Food and society’s “Thin Ideal” for over 40 years.

Are you tired and frustrated of

  • Trying to Lose Weight?
  • Being a Yo-Yo Dieter?
  • Loathing the thought of trying on a bathing suit?
  • Comparing your body to others?
  • Wasting time and energy thinking about food, calories and eating?

Anne was, thus she set out on a journey to discover and share a better way.

With over three decades of leading, teaching, speaking and coaching and most importantly, real life in – the - trenches weight loss, fitness and Eating Disorder experience, her view is radically different from today’s typical unrealistic, unsustainable approach to weight loss, body transformation and life change.

Unlike many Fitness, Weight-Loss and Life coaches, Anne appreciates, and shares with participants and clients, that living well and joyfully is a moment-to-moment choice.She believes that strengthening the connections between mind, body and heart is the only true way to implement and achieve a balanced lifestyle and lasting change.

In place of focusing valuable time and energy on dieting, exercise, counting calories, engaging in long cardio sessions, restricting food, participating in high intensity injury causing boot camps or enrolling in expensive fat camps, Anne has created a comprehensive integrated system that helps women find joy in movement, peace with eating and food while strengthening one’s compassionate life-enhancing self-talk (Maxi-me).

This unique proven system of change, easy-to-use tools, nurturing support and positive coaching style offers hope, encouragement and empowers women to change their relationship with food, their body and their negative all-consuming self-talk (mini-me’s).It’s how we all should live our lives.

Anne’s fusion of real-life stories, knowledge and conversational techniques connect with her clients, audiences and participants at an intimate, intense and individual level. Her clients and participants say her fun, high energy, caring and supportive manner helps them meet their goals and report that interacting with Anne “is the best part of their day!”

Anne has served as Program Director at the Workout Club & Wellness Center,Fitness Presenter for Group Exercise Instructors for the New England Fitness Company, Group Fitness Director at Colby-Sawyer College, Master Trainer and Presenter for Drums-Alive and Program Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

Anne has lead Movement Residencies for over 30 schools and organizations in New England including;

  • Plymouth State University
  • Bresnahan Elementary School Newburyport,MA
  • Pittsfield Music Center in, New York,
  • Rye Elementary in Rye NH,
  • Thornton Ferry in Merrimack, NH,
  • Bakersfield School in Bakersfield, VT,
  • Bedford School District in Bedford, NH
  • Keene Elementary School, NH

In addition Anne has been a requested speaker and presenter at Shape Conferences (APHERD) in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts .

Anne is a certified as a;

  • Self-talk Trainer from the Self-talk Institute,
  • Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute,
  • Yoga Nidra Instructor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach with NSCA,
  • Intuitive Eating Coach
  • Has earned a Graduate Certificate in Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University,
95% of Individuals Who Diet Fail. Discover the scientific truth about diets & their harmful destructive outcomes

Course Contents

2 Videos
4 Texts
1.0 hr