Finding Joy in Movement, Play & Exercise

Re-define exercise. Think outside the box when it comes to moving your body. When you find something you like...YOU DO IT! | taught by Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

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Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC
Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC
Joy Builder & Encourager

About the Instructor

Anne Poirier, Founder, Lifestyle Strategist & Speaker       

  • CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Coach)  
  • AFAA (Group Fitness Leader) Certified
  • Eating Disorder Specialist 
  • Intuitive Eating Coach
  • Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute 
  • Self-Talk Trainer from the Self-Talk Institute 
  • Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Guide
  • Former: Program Director of Green Mountain at Fox Run   

My Favorite Thing About SP:  Supporting women transform and put themselves first by engaging in self-care, stressing-less, eating intuitively, moving and playing with joy and accepting and appreciating their own unique one-kind bodies. 

I believe you are here for a reason and as so glad we have the chance to connect! 

My view and methods are radically different from today’s typical unrealistic, unsustainable approach to weight loss, body transformation, mindset and life change.  

Like YOU, I’ve struggled with weight challenges, eating,  poor body image, negative self-talk, diets and society’s thin ideal for over 40 years. In, addition as a fitness professional, I was disappointed with the long-term results I was getting both with my clients and myself using conventional and so, called best practices methods.

I was motivated and inspired to do better and be better so, I began a personal and professional journey for a better way… a way that would empower women of all sizes, shapes, weights and ages to stop dieting and allow them to build body confidence and food freedom. 

Looking to get closer to the Ocean and Beach I left my position at Green Mountain to start my company Shaping Perspectives where I created a unique and proven system of change (transformation). Drawing on my 30+ years personal and professional real life in the trenches I created the Stop Dieting, Start Living 5-Step Guide to Peace with Food, Eating Weight and Body Image. 

Instead of Exercising, FIND JOY IN MOVEMENT! Discover why focusing on joy rather than exercise increases the desire to move and play more often, lowers cortisol and stress and reduces the risk of overuse injuries and burnout.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1 Text
1.5 hrs