The Body Neutrality Starter Kit

This series of videos, workshops, tools and resources will help you...

  • Feel more comfortable and confident in your body

  • Share tools to help you quiet your inner critical voice

  • Shape a new perspective on how you see your body

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Body Neutrality

    • What is Body Neutrality?

    • Why do we start with Body Neutrality?

    • The first step towards Body Neutrality.

  • 2

    Body Neutrality Workshop

    • TW IMPORTANT TW: Trigger Warning. Body Neutrality Workshop

    • The Body Neutrality Workshop-How to honor your 'Here and Now' Body Video (TW: 23:45-24:20)

  • 3

    Relevant Tools & Resources

    • Body Neutrality Blogs by Anne Poirier

    • More Articles on Body Neutrality

    • Body Acceptance & Neutrality Podcasts/Interviews

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps


Author, Body Neutrality Expert, Leader of the Body Joyful Revolution

Anne Poirier CSCS

Having overcome her struggles with own weight, food, negative self-talk and body image, she created The Body Joyful Revolution Community that offers a new way to help women of all sizes and shapes feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. Anne Poirier is a Body Image Expert and Non-diet Coach. Anne is the pioneer and a leading authority and voice for the Body Neutrality Movement. She is the Founder of the Body Joyful Revolution and leader of a free global non-diet, weight inclusive private community (the Body Joyful) for women ages 18 and up. Anne is the author of the Body Joyful: My Journey from Self-loathing to Self-acceptance and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Women's Health Magazine, Livestrong, Tracy Anderson Magazine, ABC, MPR, Newsy and other media outlets including over 35 podcasts across the USA. Anne is a subject expert and contributor to Crunchy Tales (an on-line publication and community for women ages 40 and up in Europe) and other media. You can reach Anne by emailing her at