Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

Finally! Free, Fit and Fabulous Breakthrough Series


You Too Can Thrive with PCOS!, Here's How

Discover how to feel and live better today!

Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

3 Ways to Manage your PCOS Symptoms

Discover 3 ways to manage your PCOS symptoms and why they are so important to be used together.

Annie Poirier BS, CSCS, IEC

Breaking the Mother/Daughter Diet Cycle

This class describes how the mother daughter relationship with food, weight and dieting is impacted and what you can do to support and strengthen the relationship


Tips, Tools & Breakthroughs to transform your relationship with weight and food.


Intuitive Eating Bundle

Stop Dieting Forever! Learn to trust your own bodies internal wisdom!